Elders are full of wisdom, maturity, and experience. They are our roots, helping us to flourish, grow, and lead better lives.
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What a joy to see community elders and youth having fun, learning and discovering together. Help enrich community life with purposeful, mutually beneficial programmes that promote intergenerational respect and understanding.
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Everyone loves company. To keep community elders engaged and active, we organise service opportunities, festive events, workshops, and concerts that build a warm and loving environment for elders. Help cultivate an engaging community!
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Give elders the tools to express themselves. At Mighty Oaks, we use creative therapy and the arts to empower and enhance the wellbeing of community elders.
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“This programme adds joy and relieves the monotony of life in care homes. Thank you for bringing energy to our elders’ lives!”

Mr Chan, Social Worker

Chuk Lam Ming Tong Care & Attention Home for the Aged


“These initiatives are a great chance for students to learn about love and respect outside the classroom. By engaging with elders, students gain a renewed perspective of the older generation!”

Mr Chan, Principal

The Salvation Army Tin Ka Ping School


“It has been our pleasure to work closely with Mighty Oaks for some years and they have been an excellent partner.”

John Budge, Chairman

The Hong Kong Club Foundation

Love in a lonely world

I can still vividly recall the elderly lady grasping my hand and sharing her heart-wrenching story.  It was because of this encounter that I committed to engage with elders throughout my life.

When I was about sixteen years old, my school organised students to sing Christmas carols and distribute presents at a neighbourhood hospital.  We wanted to bring good cheer, and most of the patients happily accepted the presents and smiled. But there was one elderly lady who rejected my gift.  Try as I might, she refused to interact with me. I subsequently returned to the hospital several times to meet her.  I was determined to understand why she was unwilling to receive goodwill.

Perhaps because of my diligence and patience, finally, one day, she opened up to me.  She shared that her husband died prematurely and that she single-handed raised ten children. She worked three jobs, day and night, just to provide for her children, yet they never appreciated her sacrifice. Her children were then all adults, but not one came to visit her in hospital. She was very disappointed and sad, and said she hated this world and would not talk to anyone.

As a student, I just listened and held her hands.  There was not much I could say to improve her situation, but I could provide love and companionship to her lonely heart.  Before she died, I was glad to know that she acknowledged me as her friend.

I was inspired by this elderly lady, and because of her, I wanted to help other elderly people in similar situations who feel lonely and desperate. As a Christian, I have decided to become a social worker to engage with the elderly. My wish is that every elderly person would exit this world with gratitude and dignity.

Teresa Tsien, gerontologist

Mighty Oaks Director

The unexpected "Reunion"

This is a story of friendship with an age gap of close to seventy years.

Yuk Ying porpor and Matt first met in 2019 at their first ACE Academy lesson. One day before their class, Yuk Ying was in a bad mood and decided not to attend class.

Before she left the class area the students arrived. Matt ran quickly towards Yuk Ying smiling and waving to her. Matt’s big smile melted Yuk Ying’s heart and she changed her mind. Time flew by, soon the lessons came to an end. Friends and family members joined the elders and students to celebrate their graduation, Yuk Ying was excited to tell Matt’s mum all the fun times they had together. At the end, they cheerfully said goodbye expecting to continue their class together in the next term.

The plan was halted by COVID when schools and elderly homes were closed. One day, Matt and his mum passed by an elderly home. Matt recognised that was where Yuk Ying lived! Though he could not visit her, he decided to make a special card and mail it to Yuk Ying.

The first card was lost and never reached Yuk Ying. On his second try, he worked with his mum to make a new card and a video on the card making process. When Mr Wong, the welfare service assistant in the elderly home, showed the video to Yuk Ying, she was overjoyed and burst into tears. Yuk Ying missed Matt too! When the card finally arrived by mail, Mr Wong arranged a video call for Yuk Ying to open it with Matt. They were thrilled to be re-connected in this unexpected way!

“I was so moved to receive Matt’s card. I felt his genuine care and concern. Matt has been on my mind ever since I met him! His chubby face looks just like my son when he was young.” – Yuk Ying

“I enjoyed learning with her and creating together! I was scared when visiting the elderly home for the first time. But after knowing Yuk Ying porpor, I am not scared anymore. She is so kind and cares about me a lot.” – Matt

“It’s the best gift for Matt! When Matt’s first card was lost, he was very disappointed and also felt a sense of failure. I encourage him that every failure is practice for future success. This mission has helped Matt to become more positive and adaptable.” – Mrs Woo (Matt’s mum)

“The students have magical powers. Their smiles break down lots of barriers, the elders are irresistibly drawn to befriend them.” – Mr Wong



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