We are blessed to partner and collaborate with
elder facilities, schools, NGOs and commercial
organisations to progress Mighty Oaks’s mission.
Friendships and trust between old and young
flourish, which ultimately benefits the community.

We are blessed to partner and collaborate with
elder facilities, schools, NGOs and commercial
organisations to progress Mighty Oaks’s mission.
Friendships and trust between old and young
flourish, which ultimately benefits the community.

Incredibly Happy


“Planting flowers, or doing anything else,  at my age, seeing these kids, they’re so care-free, it makes us incredibly happy.”


Mr Yung

ACE Academy participant

Discarding Stereotypes of Elders


“It’s a great chance for students to learn outside of books and show their love and respect in action. Mighty Oaks helps students to discard stereotypes of elders. It is so touching to see elders and youth inspire each other.”

Mr Chan, Principal

The Salvation Army Tin Ka Ping School

Excellent Partner!

“It has been our pleasure to work closely with Mighty Oaks for some years and they have been an excellent partner.”

John Budge, Chairman

The Hong Kong Club Foundation

Passion for Life!


The overall program adds joy and relieves the monotony of life in care homes. Thanks for stimulating elders’ memories and passion for life.”

Mr Chan, Social Worker

Chuk Lam Ming Tong Care & Attention Home for the Aged

Songs of Friendship


“Yew Chung International School has established a wonderful friendship with Mighty Oaks through music. Both our staff and students enjoy the visits, performances, and experiences shared with community elders.”

Mr Jeremy Williams, Music Director and Ms Yuen Yum San, Head of Strings Programme

Yew Chung International School

Gratitude to our Elders


“Hong Kong wouldn’t be what it is today without the contribution of our elders. By partnering with Mighty Oaks, we hope to express our gratitude to our elders.”

Tracy Wut, Partner

Baker McKenzie

Belonging and Self-worth


“Mighty Oaks Foundation cares about the physical and mental health of the elderly and actively promotes their sense of belonging and self-worth.”

Cynthia Mong, Director

Shun Hing Electronic Trading Co., Ltd.

Teaching children to care


“It’s never too early to teach children to care for the vulnerable. When my kids do volunteer work, they get to interact with people from all walks of life, and it gives them the opportunity to exercise empathy. Even simple activities like teaching a craft or decorating cupcakes can make a difference.”

Angela Yung

mother of three

Smiles of the Elderly


“It’s truly inspiring to see the smiles of the elderly and to know they feel loved and cared for as a result of Mighty Oaks’ programmes.”

Catherine Cheng, Director

Sau Ching Charity Foundation

A Compassionate Community


“We support the vision of Mighty Oaks Foundation, which is to connect the elders and students to build a compassionate community!”

Peter Lee, Senior Manager, Community Investment and Employee Engagement

Kerry Holdings Limited

Love, Joy, and Hope


“Every time my kids served the elderly, they felt very happy bringing smiles and a sense of comfort to them. Our volunteer work helped my kids recognize that a simple act of kindness can suspend feelings of loneliness and bring love, joy and hope to others.”

Genevieve Chen

mother of three

My Elder Buddy


This story is about Lisa porpor and Gianna’s friendship. Lisa was in her 80s and wheelchair bound. Gianna was a primary 2 student.

Gianna started to visit Chuk Lam Ming Tong Elderly Home in spring 2019. during horticulture classes with Lisa, they soon bonded over their love of ice cream and had lots of fun together.

From planting, harvesting to eating, they did everything together and made each other laugh. After sharing the joy of graduation, they reluctantly parted ways.


In summer 2020, news of the outbreak of COVID-19 in elderly homes shocked Gianna, and she started to worry about Lisa. She was determined to show Lisa that she cares. She brainstormed ways to create gifts not only for Lisa but also for her friends at the elderly home. Gianna’s mum and little brother also joined the “Lisa cheering team”!


Finally, they delivered their lovely gifts to Lisa and met the social worker outside the care home, as no visitors were allowed into the home. Lisa was overjoyed and the joy went viral in the elderly home!

A Comfortable Night’s Rest


We visited an elderly couple with a broken second-hand fan. They couldn’t afford to buy a new fan, and, instead, used strings to tie the broken parts together. The fan was not only ineffective, but also a potential hazard in their small home.

Hong Kong becomes hot and humid in the summers. To save on electricity charges, many needy elders rely on fans rather than air conditioners to cool down.


During home visits, Mighty Oaks noticed many instances of elders using second-hand or malfunctioning electrical appliances, including fans. They invented creative ways to extend the life-span of the damaged fans, but were concerned the fans would break down at any moment.


With these worries always on their mind, they seldom had a good night’s rest. These fears were amplified during the pandemic, when elders spent more time isolated at home.


Mighty Oaks responded by mobilising community resources to gift over 3,000 needy elders with a new home appliance or home sanitisation service.


Thank you to Shun Hing Group and Huaiyu Charitable Trust for enabling our community elders to enjoy a safer and more comfortable home environment.

Hilda Wong

Chatting with a little boy over so many topics


It was not easy to make new friends during the pandemic as everyone stayed home. Sze Wing, an ACE Academy programme instructor, shared how she witnessed a friendship blossom between an elder and a young boy during this difficult time.

During the pandemic and with social distancing measures in place, ACE Academy moved online and we created the “IG Symphony” programme. Each intergenerational team formed a music band, and chose a distinctive name and band gestures to set themselves apart. They rewrote the lyrics of popular songs, designed stage costumes, and created a tote bag together. Most importantly, the band members exchanged stories during the process and got to know each other on a deeper level.


“I thought the students would be too shy to sing in front of the class, but their boldness and joy surprised me. I enjoyed listening to their performance,” said an elder. “I never imagined I could chat with a little boy about so many topics, and I cherished his company immensely. I hope we can meet again in the future!”

Sze Wing Lam

ACE Academy instructor

Anchor Community with Elders

When was the last time you had an engaging conversation with an elder? Your company can light up an elder’s life and help them to stay connected. Elders have so much wisdom and value to pass on. It takes a village to nourish an elder.



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