Frowns turn to smiles through therapy sessions conducted by our expressive arts therapists. Community elders gain confidence and new perspectives through visual arts, music, dance and movement, drama, and writing.

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Expressive arts was something new to some of the elders, but they found it very fulfilling. The therapy group has effectively allowed elders to create and share safely in a non-judgmental and encouraging environment.

~Ms Tsang, Social Worker (NAAC Shamshuipo District Elderly Community Centre)

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Not only have the elders expressed inner thoughts through arts, but some of them even connected with others through songs and drawings in a space that was non-judgmental and free of self-criticisms. It is beautiful to see such authentic arts communications.

~Cindy Wong, Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (AThR)

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All participants agreed that they were able to express their emotions through the interplay of multi-art forms. They became more self aware with the opportunity to express their negative emotions, with new hope and positivity to face future challenges. Thank you Mighty Oaks for organizing this group for the elders.

~Ms Yip, Social Worker (The Salvation Army Wah Fu Centre for Senior Citizens)

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It is an honor to witness the holistic growth of the elders, and to grow with them as a therapist. The sessions have provided for them a safe space to express emotions and to gain insights. Once they collectively described the group as a “Sun” to symbolize the warmth and hope they felt from the time spent together.

~Jocelyn Wat, Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (AThR)



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Inside Therapy

The Art of Expression

Inside Therapy

Elders use different art forms to portray emotional expression, self-exploration, connection, and containment. Our therapy groups work on themes such as stress relief, bereavement and emigration of family members.

The Art of Expression

Artwork exhibition created during therapy. The aesthetic of their artwork is not so important. Instead, what’s critical is their reflection and insights, generated from both process and product.

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