Our donors, sponsors and partners were invaluable before, during and beyond the pandemic to meet the urgent needs of community elders. Care packages and home appliances were delivered directly to homes of singleton elders. Many volunteers reported how this simple act of human contact brought cheer to lonely elders. Volunteers produced Cheers4Elders videos to share with elder facility partners.

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Providing Urgent Relief

During pandemic-induced lockdown, many singleton elders could not access daily supplies. Our donors and supporters responded quickly, enabling Mighty Oaks to deliver over 10,000 care packages: masks, test kits and food. Forty-five volunteers and sixty-five programme partners packed and distributed care packages.

These packages addressed urgent needs and reminded singleton elders that they were not forgotten. Many elders shared that the visits and personal connection made them feel cared for.

Care for Singleton Elders

Whilst gifting home appliances, we met an eighty-year-old singleton elder with a serious leg injury. There were only two windows in the room he lived. The new circulation fan gifted to him immediately helped to create better air circulation. Despite initially feeling embarrassed, he soon expressed appreciation for our visit and chats. In the end, he did not want us to leave.

Joanne Li, Mighty Oaks Team

Let's hear from...

“Ah Yi and her eight-year-old son called me every Sunday. They would ask me how I was doing and reminded me to pay attention to personal hygiene when I went out. I am a singleton elder. Living alone can sometimes be lonely, so receiving their calls makes me happy and I would like to say thank you to them.”

Ng por por, participant of Chats with Singleton Elders 2022











Summer of Service 2023

Home Improvements for Singleton Elders Programme

Make the Call

Intergenerational Concert

Christmas Carols 2022

Care Packages & Test Kits

Summer of Service 2023

Passionate student volunteers led various intergenerational initiatives to prompt elders in community and homes to exercise in fun and engaging ways.

Home Improvements for Singleton Elders

The gift of over 3,000 home appliances helped to make singleton elders’ homes more comfortable. Sanitising services helped to make the homes of over 100 singleton elders safer.

Make the Call

During the pandemic, smartphones became a necessity, from staying connected to gaining access to various places. We gifted sponsored smart phones to needy elders and trained volunteers to teach them essential apps, share photos and access entertainment.

Intergenerational Concert

Performances by the Yale Alumni Chamber Music Society of HK and students from various schools brightened up the lives of community elders.

Christmas Carols 2022

Musical performances by various schools provided Christmas cheer for community elders!

Care Packages & Test Kits

During the Covid pandemic, over 2,700 test kits were distributed to elderly homes. To meet ongoing urgent needs of singleton elders we distributed over 8,000 care packages containing canned food, face masks, test kits, rice, and snacks.

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