Youth paint, elders enjoy (LIFE+)

Goldfish scoop. Cat’s cradle. DIY slingshot. Do these ring a bell? Probably not for the younger generation, unless they have taken part in Anchor Children with Elders (ACE) Art 2023.

“I’m grateful to the elders for all they have done for Hong Kong. Without their contributions, children nowadays, including me, wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the wide choice of entertainment and games. We’re so blessed,” says Tong Shun-hei, a P.5 student at S.K.H. Ling Oi Primary School, after learning from his grandparents that toys were a luxury during their childhood. “That said, they had a great time playing with their homemade toys. So, I’m making my own ones and I’ll try to buy less.”

Shun-hei is among the 1,700 primary students from 13 schools who have joined the ACE Art 2023, organised and sponsored by Mighty Oaks Foundation and Chinachem Group respectively. Currently in its 7th year, the programme invited young participants to paint their grandparents’ stories on tambourines under the theme of “neighbourhood leisure in bygone years”. The non-governmental organisation comes up with a different theme and canvas each year, but the core idea of getting the little ones to talk with the seniors in their families remains unchanged.

After the winners were selected by a panel of judges, including Donald Choi, CEO of Chinachem Group, who was in the same role last year – all the art pieces were then gifted to elderly centres in districts where the participating schools are located. To fully capitalise on the hand-painted tambourines, dance workshops and videos prepared by students at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, additional features of this year’s edition, were also made available to encourage the recipients to exercise. “You have to anchor people in their own family before radiating out to society. If you’re close to the elders in your own family, then you’d be able to form relationships with those in the neighbourhood,” explains Poh Lee Tan, the founder and director of the Foundation.

With a focus on the wellbeing of golden agers, the Foundation aims to help them live with dignity, purpose, hope, and love. Considering herself an elder, Poh Lee has seen many peers in the community who are lonely and marginalised, some even isolate themselves thinking society no longer needs them. “I’m still contributing, and I’m sure people of my vintage would like to continue to contribute. But sometimes they aren’t given a chance, they aren’t asked for their stories,” says Poh Lee.
“When you spend a little bit of time with them, they’ll start to blossom and their stories come out.”

So, how to bring the silver-haired out of their shell? The key is intergenerational integration.
“When a young person comes and engages with you, something magical happens,” Poh Lee beams, stressing that it is a win-win approach benefiting both generations.

Cheng Tsz-kiu, this year’s champion who studies at The H.K.C.W.C. Hioe Tjo Yoeng Primary School, was elated by the chat with her grandma that eventually went beyond the programme theme. “My granny recounted the amusing anecdotes about her early motherhood years raising my father. I enjoyed hearing those stories a lot!” Realising others’ stories can be a source of inspiration for her artwork, the 10-year-old artist vows to keep her heart and ears open. “I hope I can hear more stories from people around me as their sharing will expand my perspective. That will enable me to create more artwork.”

While children are unsurprisingly the centre of attention in most families, it can be easy to overlook the needs of the older generation. Intergenerational integration is a powerful way to tap into our shared experiences and to build connections, finally leading to a more cohesive and inclusive society. “Family harmony means community harmony, and community harmony means societal harmony,” Poh Lee concludes as she stares into the future with optimism.


陳寶莉:退休不可怕 脫下律師袍 服務長者傳愛 (Ming Pao Daily)


「退休有什麼可怕?」陳寶莉(Poh Lee Tan)選擇55歲退下國際知名律師事務所貝克.麥堅時(Baker McKenzie)管理層職務,決心開展人生新一章,成為快樂退休的典範!






選擇服務對象時,她一心服務長者,因為心痛老人被邊緣化,「他們為社會付出了一輩子,為什麼到了老年卻感到自己沒用、沒有貢獻,只是負累」?恩橡開辦初期,主要為內地白內障病人提供義診和手術,亦與香港不同機構合作,幫助吞嚥困難的人士。當年鮮有人知言語治療師能幫助吞嚥困難人士,陳寶莉除了找來前同事、「宣傳達人」盧炳松幫手宣傳言語治療,也因緣際會認識了香港老年學會會長、老人科專科醫生梁萬福。盧、梁在活動中擔任義工,3人首次合作。不過,近年中國大陸不許沒有內地註冊的NGO提供服務,而負責吞嚥障礙服務的主管不幸逝世,恩橡轉型開展長幼跨代共融(Anchor Children with Elderly,簡稱ACE)服務。






不過,要小朋友學懂與長者溝通,也不是容易事。為此,恩橡設計了一系列圖書(ACE Book),以節日、食物和玩樂為主題,設計問答、遊戲和故事,幫助小朋友和老友記打開話匣子。「你最喜歡吃什麼?」「你最喜歡什麼顏色?」「有什麼令你今天大笑?」陳寶莉說,即使自己的親人,也未必有人問過長者喜歡什麼,當有人對自己喜好感到興趣,專心地提問,就會感到被尊重,感到快樂;而小朋友也學懂了與家中長輩溝通。

派智能表 助長者建健康生活





Mighty Oaks Foundation Provides Relief to Elders During Hong Kong’s Fifth Wave (ACAP Bulletin)

Active Aging Consortium Asia Pacific Bulletin (July – August 2022)
Teresa Tsien (Senior Consultant, Mighty Oaks) and Poh Lee Tan (Founder, Mighty Oaks)

Many of us aspire to grow old gracefully. Yet for some, growing old can be the hardest experience of all. At Mighty Oaks Foundation, we believe that every elderly person deserves to live with dignity, purpose, hope, and love. However, due to social, economic, and cultural circumstances, many elders are neglected and misunderstood.

The mission of Mighty Oaks is to create an age-friendly society by transforming lives and communities through innovative intergenerational programmes that build connections and friendships between the old and young.

The fifth wave of the pandemic hit Hong Kong hard in late January 2022, when there were many more COVID-19 infections and deaths in the following two-month period, compared to the entire period since the pandemic began in early 2020. Our healthcare system and mortuaries were overrun and unable to cope. Very strict social distancing measures were implemented. We quickly stepped in to address the plight of vulnerable elders who lack family support and community networks.

With support from many donors, sponsors, partners, and volunteers, Mighty Oaks alleviated the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of vulnerable elders under the Mighty Oaks Community Programmes:

  1. 2,800 COVID-19 rapid antigen tests were distributed to elderly homes most in need.
  2. The Mighty Oaks Care Packages Programme benefited 8,500 singleton elders with 293,700 face masks, 8,770 (boxes of 3) COVID-19 rapid antigen tests, 8,000 toilet rolls, 3,000 bottles of sanitizing liquid, 8,500 bags of rice, and 9,500 packs of non-perishable food.
  3. To help singleton elders who suffer mentally and emotionally from their isolation and fear of venturing outdoors, the Mighty Oaks Chat With Singletons Programme encouraged 160 young volunteers to make multiple telephone calls to 380 singleton elders over two months. This provided cheer and light-hearted relief, emphasizing the need for the young and old to engage and communicate.
  4. To improve the mental well-being of under-privileged elders and children, the Mighty Oaks Expressive Arts Therapy Programme partnered with 15 elder facilities and 4 primary schools to use arts to express emotions and relieve stress related to the fifth wave of COVID-19. 200 participants experienced enhanced social interaction and mutual support.
  5. The Mighty Oaks Home Improvement Programme offered sanitizing services to 150 singleton elder households with an anti-bacterial protective coating that kills 99.9% of the COVID-19 virus. 2,300 singleton elder households received essential home appliances of their choice, such as blood pressure monitors, rice cookers, fans, and kettles.

The work continues throughout the year with Mighty Oaks Programmes, including Anchoring Children with Elders (ACE) Academy, ACE Talks, and ACE Art, where our philosophy of Anchoring Children with Elders connects elder facilities with nearby schools, encouraging youth to better understand and communicate with elders.

At Mighty Oaks, we have been blessed and are very thankful to have the support of so many individuals and organizations that enable us to continue our mission of transforming lives and communities through intergenerational activities that benefit our elders.

For more information on Mighty Oaks Foundation, please contact us at

Active Aging Consortium Asia Pacific Bulletin

棚工墮斃遺八旬雙親 恩橡基金助解燃眉急 (Headline Daily)







恩橡基金會 4500 抗疫包送長者 (Headline Daily)




基金創辦人陳寶莉(Poh Lee Tan)分享,有深水埗七十歲長者致電社福機構求助,但不得要領,恩橡成功接觸到佢,讓佢不覺得被忽視。




父親身教車禍奇迹生還 著名律師退休創辦恩橡服務長者 (Hong Kong Economic Times)

人生總有許多轉捩點,曾被ALB(Asian Legal Business)選為亞洲100最佳律師的陳寶莉(Poh Lee Tan),一直以來很感激她父親及職涯上遇到的眾多「導師」,讓她一路走來可以成功達上事業的高峰。但2011年的一次車禍,開始讓她思索,大難不死是否天意有新召命?


相信任何人聽到陳寶莉娓娓道來她那次意外,都覺得是一個奇迹。本是開開心心的一次4天印度之旅去參加朋友的婚禮,還順道包車去欣賞泰姬陵,在往機場途中卻發生意外。「我們想司機一定睡着了,但他不承認,說有一隻Flying Cow出現在車前面,我們當然不信啦!但奇就奇在撞車後,玻璃都碎晒,但司機、我和老公3人一點擦傷都沒有。」陳寶莉還說事後,她發現她的手袋布滿玻璃碎,但眾人都安然無恙,她覺得是她相信的神保護她。




有計劃、耐性、毅力 是可以成功的

陳寶莉總結這經驗,讓她明白到如果退休,首先是要有計劃,然後就算失敗也要有耐性,像這次打擊沒有令她放棄回饋社會,反而提醒自己要有毅力繼續下去。「無論遇到甚麼ups and downs,如果你覺得找對了方向,就要繼續堅持下去直至成功。」

事實上,香港的經驗也令她很鼓舞。這些年來,已服務了33,000名長者,78間長者院舍或機構;而因為推行ACE跨代共融社區計劃,當中的長幼學堂,會將學校與安老服務機構聯繫,一位學生配對一或兩位長者,涉及的學校已有58間,參與的學生達20,000人。「我希望讓小朋友學習想怎樣老,也希望他們學習服侍長者。因為我覺得很可惜,大家對長者只有take not give的印象。」

最近,陳寶莉便因此而獲得慈善組織「詠翔」頒發「香港傑出活齡女性」獎項。「我一生得過不少獎,但因為幫人而有機會得獎,特別開心。每個人一生都有許多成功的例子,但由success go on to significant,幫到不認識的人,是另一個境界。我希望我的得獎,能鼓勵60歲以上的女士,只要找到你的路向(path),有計劃(plan)、耐性(patience)及毅力(perseverance)是可以成功的。」


自覺欠了外傭 願意為她們服務



因此,陳寶莉一直很感激工人的幫忙,覺得是欠了她們。「如果從宏觀的角度看,沒有她們,婦女根本不能外出工作,這樣會影響經濟,因此她們是unrecognized part of Hong Kong economy。」




「我爸爸除了是醫生,也是一位政治家、教育家及教會的領袖。但他在57歲中風,本來是大忙人,變成甚麼也做不到,只有半邊身可以郁動。但他沒有自怨自艾,仍然參與許多智囊團,而且中風後還寫了廿多年的專欄,寫的時候,without fear or favour,正是這樣,教曉我integrity及authenticity的重要性。」

陳寶莉在著名國際律師行Baker & McKenzie(貝克麥堅時)工作了接近30年,期間接觸40多個不同國家的律師,不少成為她的mentors,教曉她如何與不同國家、不同文化、不同年代的人合作,當中最重要是強調大家的相同處。「我是150%的工作狂,但他們教曉我importance of balance。」而陳寶莉本身是基督徒,信仰也適時將她從繁忙的工作中拉出來,讓她明白親情關係的重要性。

還有一人不得不提,就是陳寶莉的恩師,即是現任歐洲央行行長拉加德(Christine Lagarde),她曾任Baker & McKenzie主席,有一天她提議陳寶莉更上一層樓,出任貝克麥堅時律師事務所亞洲區代表。「我那時40出頭,兩個小朋友還小,未夠10歲,如果擔任這個職位,一半時間都在飛,而且我手上還有很多工作未完成,因此我建議她不如另覓人選。」

本身也有兩名子女的拉加德,沒有以「If I can do it, you can do it」去強迫陳寶莉,純粹希望升職能豐富她的職涯經驗,因此願意聆聽她的疑問。結果一年後,陳寶莉開始擴展到管理層面,2008年至2010年擔任Baker & McKenzie的亞洲區主席。





Operation Santa Claus: near-death experience inspires Hong Kong campaign against elderly loneliness (SCMP)

  • Top lawyer Tan Poh Lee decided in 2015 to set up Mighty Oaks to help the elderly after emerging unscathed from a car crash in India
  • With Operation Santa Claus support, she is planning to match hundreds of youngsters with the elderly next year to combat loneliness

After cheating death in a New Delhi car accident 10 years ago, Tan Poh Lee decided in 2015 to quit her job as a partner at a multinational law firm and start a non-profit-making organisation in Hong Kong serving the elderly.

Mighty Oaks hopes to next year continue pairing its senior clients with primary school students, a programme it has run over the last five years to combat loneliness among the elderly and bridge the gap between generations.

Project Sparkle plans in 2022 to send hundreds of pupils into care homes and other facilities to engage with the elderly across six to 10 workshops per semester. Activities range from horticulture to dance, crafting bamboo fans to re-enacting Broadway musicals.

“I am a Christian,” Tan said. “So when I came out of the car accident unscathed, I asked God why he has preserved me, and what he would like me to do. That’s when I remembered my father’s teachings of living beyond ourselves and the underserved elderly in our communities.”

Mighty Oaks is one of 18 beneficiaries of Operation Santa Claus (OSC) – an annual fundraising initiative held by the South China Morning Post and public broadcaster RTHK since 1988.

Tan’s organisation plans to match nearly 500 primary school pupils with members of the older generation through HK$813,597 (US$104,536) in funding from the annual charity drive.

“Ninety per cent of the people I speak to support children and young people because they believe that they are the future of our society,” Tan said.

“But the elderly have contributed to our world too, so we’d hate to leave them feeling lonely after retirement. We want to give them purpose and hope, and the best way to do that is through children.”

She said her inspiration for Project Sparkle came from her son’s home-made theatre productions based on books her mother-in-law had read to him.

“I thought of replicating the fun times my son and mother-in-law shared and magnifying that into a community level so we can become catalysts for harmony in families,” she said.

“We chose elderly facilities that are within walking distance from schools because if the kids could walk there, their relationships with the seniors will continue even after our workshops are over.”

Ten-year-old Gianna Ng, of Kau Yan School in Sai Ying Pun, took part two years ago in weekly meet-ups with residents of Chuk Lam Ming Tong Care & Attention Home for The Aged in Pok Fu Lam.

Though the workshops have long ended, she and her family sent hand sanitiser and home-made cards during the Covid-19 pandemic – and frequently recorded videos to cheer up the seniors at the centre.

Ng’s mother, Maggie Wong Siu-har, said the programme had taught her daughter to be more considerate.

“Before, Gianna was always the one who was being taken care of at home. But now she can see things from other people’s perspectives and regards the elderly as friends rather than people requiring care.”

As Mighty Oaks prepares for next year’s launch of Project Sparkle, Tan predicts challenges ahead due to the need of hiring workshop instructors competent in teaching both the elderly and children, as well as recruiting partner schools.

“The programme teaches children soft skills such as communication and the art of persuasion. Kids will have to collaborate with elders one day, so the earlier they learn to work with and respect them, the sooner they can understand the concept of ‘old is gold’,” she said.

“But when we’re fighting against academic pressures and curriculums that highly value grades, asking schools and parents to find time to serve the community is really a challenge.”

新冠肺炎|恩橡基金會製音樂短片 為院舍長者打氣 (HK01)


恩橡基金會表示,近日與業餘音樂愛好者合作,製作音樂錄像《並肩同行Walking Together》,讓居於院舍的長者在孤獨中感受到市民大眾的關懷,同時向院舍的工作人員致謝。


《並肩同行Walking Together》是由前任及現任匯豐職員組成的WayRock,改編自張學友的歌曲《真情流露》,而音樂錄像會上載至youtube及恩橡基金會的FB專頁。



耆趣童樂館開幕活動多 跨代共融 尊重帶給長者 (Sing Pao Daily News)






Sing Pao Daily News

小學生老友記上課 齊做掛飾繫長幼情 (Sing Tao Daily)











Sing Tao Daily

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